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Henoko Airbase Initiative Sinking into Mayonnaise-Soft Earth

For almost two-and-a-half decades, Japan and the United States have insisted that a new US Marine airbase at Henoko—a replacement for Marine Corps Air Station Futenma—is absolutely needed as a solid foundation for the US-Japan Alliance. Last year, however, it was officially revealed that the sea floor where the base is being constructed consists of mayonnaise-soft earth, and that any airstrip built there now could sink into oblivion.

Chairman Election Debate Reveals KMT’s Impasse

The Nationalist Party (KMT) chairman election debates, which took place on the 12th, illustrate the party’s general lack of solutions for its internal crisis as it heads towards the decisive party vote on March 7.

KMT Remains Threat Despite 2020 Losses

Observing the results of 2020 elections, the international media generally reported on the defeat of the Nationalist Party (KMT) in both presidential and legislative elections as though it were an overwhelming landslide, but a closer examination tells a more nuanced story.

Coronavirus! Chinese Communist Party Reveals Priorities

The priorities of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) should be clear given its response to the outbreak of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Namely, the CCP has not acted to protect the health of the Chinese people, but instead acted with its priorities on presenting the appearance of stability, so as to maintain political legitimacy.

SNA Forms Alliance with New Bloom of Taiwan

The progressive news outlets New Bloom (Taiwan) and Shingetsu News Agency (Japan) have agreed to partner with one another to mutually strengthen their services. The agreement includes provisions to mutually syndicate one another’s work.