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Japan Offers Reputation Laundering to Rahm Emanuel

The list of moral and political reasons why Rahm Emanuel should not be appointed ambassador to Japan are more than a few, but at the very top of the list is that serving in Tokyo could offer him an excellent opportunity to rehabilitate his reputation, ensuring that this bad actor will return to more influential offices in the future.

Indonesian Migrants in Taiwan Face Growing Discrimination

Like many of her fellow Indonesians in Taiwan, Etik Nurhalimah works for a family caring for an elderly relative. During her time as a migrant worker, she has also managed to fulfil a lifelong dream: gain a degree in English literature, while also winning a literature prize and having her story made into a film along the way.

Japan’s Weak Response to Myanmar Coup

In comparison to other G7 nations, Japan has been taking a weak approach to the recent coup in Myanmar, led by the country’s Tatmadaw, or military forces. This includes Japan’s refusal to impose sanctions, official statements that have been widely viewed as being too soft, and a reference to the Myanmar military’s top diplomat as being the “foreign minister.”