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Category Archives: Technology

Drones: The New Age of Farming

Over the past year, developers have been working in northeastern Japan to create and test drones that can aid farmers in their tasks of working the fields. These drones are able to hover above the ground and distribute pesticides to the rice fields, making the job more efficient.

Recent AI Developments May Raise Privacy Issues

With the forthcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reaching a turning point. At the same time, the rapid emergence of AI may bring about special concerns regarding the infringement of personal privacy.

Hydrogen Cars Advance Japan’s Carbon-Free Agenda

An increase in hydrogen cars to create a “hydrogen society” has become among the most important of Japan’s technological objectives. In recent years, the advancement of the hydrogen industry has progressed significantly, introducing even more innovative ideas, including Toyota’s invention of fuel cell trucks and delivery vehicles.

Climate Change Impacting Japan

Climate change is already altering life in Japan, and its impact is expected to deepen in the coming years and decades. Natural systems and human society are interconnected.

Intelligent Electric Cars at Tokyo Motor Show

Japanese automakers are trying to put damaging corporate scandals behind them and get people to focus on designs for vehicles that are not only environmentally friendly, but packed with artificial intelligence features.

Remilitarizing Japanese Universities

Japanese academics and scientists argue that the Abe government is in the process of shifting the nation’s university system and its industry from a footing of peace and consumerism toward the re-formation of a military-industrial complex, which will make the society increasingly dependent on arms exports and foreign wars.