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Belly Dancers in Tokyo

Belly dancers may not be something that most people associate with Tokyo, but some young Japanese women are ardent students of the art.

Japan’s Real Killers

Lee Birnbaum, from a New York family I have been close to since university days in Boston, messaged me that his friend had been mugged and murdered in Tokyo. Wait, what?

Man, Muscle, and Machine: The Olympic Stadium Rising

SNA (Tokyo) — Japan is in the process of building a US$1.3 billion new National Stadium to host the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The SNA spent almost two years filming the stages of the construction up to the current time.

Tokyo Moves to Ban Anti-LGBT Discrimination

On October 8, Japan’s LGBT community took to the streets of Shinjuku for love and equality. It was the Tokyo Love Parade 2018. This came days after the Tokyo Metropolitan Government adopted an ordinance banning discrimination against the LGBT community.