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Taiwan’s Comfort Women Museum Closes Its Doors

The only museum about Taiwanese Comfort Women closed down this month after its four years of operating at a loss. The women’s rights foundation that runs the Ama Museum said that they would try again in a cheaper location beginning in April next year.

A Dangerous Moment for the US Democratic Party

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Evo Morales Returns to Bolivia

Evo Morales was welcomed back to Bolivia on the morning of November 9, surrounded by the thunderous cheers of thousands of supporters who took part in a joyous celebration filled with music.

What’s the Matter with America

Thomas Frank, author of “What’s the Matter with Kansas,” joins Paul Jay to answer the question: “why was this election even close”?

Historians: Not Too Late to Save US Democracy

More than eighty historians of fascism and authoritarianism from around the world have signed an open letter warning that US democracy is in existential peril and urging people to take action now before it’s too late to save it.

Trump Suggests Not All Votes Need to Be Counted

Repeating his desire for a winner to be declared on the night of November 3, US President Donald Trump told reporters that he doesn’t “believe” tallying votes for weeks after Election Day is lawful, a remark observers interpreted as yet another open signal of the president’s intention to challenge the counting of legally submitted ballots.

Chile Votes to Rewrite Pinochet Era Constitution

Nearly fifty years after a US-backed coup toppled Chile’s democratically-elected President Salvador Allende and paved the way for military dictator General Augusto Pinochet to impose a rightwing constitution, Chileans have voted in a 4-to-1 landslide to approve the creation of a new constitution.