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Dumping Fukushima Water into the Pacific Ocean

Nearly a decade after the 2011 Fukushima disaster, the government has decided to release more than one million tons of treated radioactive water, currently being stored at the nuclear plant, into the Pacific Ocean, despite fierce opposition from fishermen and some environmentalists.

Teenagers Launch Hunger Strikes Against UK Coal Mines

In the United Kingdom, teenage climate activists have gone on hunger strikes in order to prevent the construction of the Woodhouse Colliery coal mine in West Cumbria, which would be the United Kingdom’s first deep coal mine in three decades.

Japanese Megabanks Hit Over Coal Financing at Davos

As world leaders are convening at the the World Economic Forum in Davos, critical attention is being drawn to the Japan’s largest financial institutions’ continued investments in coal, one of the main contributors to the climate crisis.

Formosa Plastics and Environmental Racism in Louisiana

Plans by Taiwanese company Formosa Plastics to build a US$9.2 billion plastics complex in the St. James Parish of Louisiana should once again call attention to Formosa’s blatant disregard for the environment and human life in other countries.

The $500 Grape

Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture has been developing the high-quality Ruby Roman Grapes for fourteen years. This year, a single bunch of grapes sold for 1.2 million yen, working out to almost US$500 for a single grape.

As Waterways Choke on Plastic, Japan Soft-Pedals on Waste

If you’ve ever shopped at a Japanese supermarket or convenience store, the sight of fruit, cookies, pastries, and other foods individually wrapped in plastic isn’t surprising. It’s part of a mountain of single-use plastic products, from bento lunch boxes to oshibori towelettes in plastic wrappers, that underpins the lives of Japanese consumers.

Silent Autumns: Pesticides Push Japan’s Iconic Red Dragonfly to Extinction

The mesmerizing sight of the aki-akane, meaning ‘autumn red’ dragonfly, is a traditional symbol of autumn in Japan’s rice farming landscape. However, the species has been rapidly disappearing in recent years and has now nearly vanished over most of Japan. The reason, according to scientists, is the increased use in rice farming of a class of broad-spectrum insecticides that have been the subject of bans in the European Union and China.