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Oceans With More Plastic Than Fish

Oceans containing more plastic waste than fish may seem like a dystopian fantasy, but by some estimates we may reach that point in the first half of this century. To heighten awareness of this crisis is Catherine Jane Fisher’s objective in her art display in a shop window near Shibuya Station.

Federal Court Strikes Down Trump Coal Power Plant Rule

Climate campaigners welcomed a federal court’s decision to strike down the Trump administration’s Affordable Clean Energy Rule—dubbed by its critics the “Dirty Power” rule—which loosened restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions from coal plants.

Taiwanese Groups Protest Proposed Fukushima Water Dumping

Taiwanese environmental groups demonstrated in front of their Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Taipei to protest against a proposed plan by the Japanese government to dump 1.2 million tons of wastewater from the 2011 Fukushima disaster into the Pacific Ocean.

Progressives Demand Biden Go Big for Green New Deal

Progressives elected to the US Congress joined grassroots climate action leaders from across the country on Thursday at a rally outside the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in Washington DC, demanding that President-Elect Joe Biden “be brave” and work to pass a bold agenda aimed at combating the climate crisis.

Red Cross Warns Climate Threat Bigger Than Covid

“The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how vulnerable the world is to a truly global catastrophe. But another, bigger catastrophe has been building for many decades, and humanity is still lagging far behind in efforts to address it.” So begins Come Heat or High Water, the 2020 World Disasters Report published Tuesday by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

Public Development Banks Funding Fossil Fuel Industry

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Climate Action Needed to Avoid Future Pandemics

Warning that without a “seismic shift” in how world governments approach the management of wildlife, land conservation, and public health, the planet could be entering an “era of pandemics,” a United Nations-backed report released this week emphasized that the ability to avoid more public health crises like Covid-19 is entirely within human control.

Japanese Banks Funding Global Biodiversity Destruction

The world’s largest banks, including three Japanese banks, provided more than US$2.6 trillion in loans and underwriting to economic sectors last year that were linked to the global biodiversity crisis, doing little to monitor, let alone curb, damage to life-sustaining ecosystems.