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About SNA Japan

Shingetsu News Agency (SNA) is Japan’s Progressive News Agency.

Our motto is Independence, Dedication, Fearlessness

We operate on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, as well as on this webpage, telling the stories about Japan and the world that certain powerful interests would rather that no one tell. Unlike the rest of the well-mannered, house-trained English-language news media in Japan, we are only interested in finding out the truth as best we can and then reporting it straight. We are not another public relations outlet for the Japanese government posing as news media, but are rather gladiators in the ring, struggling on behalf of democracy, open society, and the fundamental interests of ordinary people.

Yes, we do make a lot of powerful enemies, but with the support of readers like you, we intend to survive and even prosper.

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For more information, we can be reached at shingetsunewsagency [at] gmail [dot] com.