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About SNA Japan

Shingetsu News Agency (SNA) was established in December 2010 by Michael Penn, a former university lecturer and journalist specialized in West Asian and Japanese history and politics.

The SNA aims to help fill the gap between the mainstream Japanese-language media, which is often well-resourced but burdened with a tendency to avoid investigative journalism and an unwillingness to communicate effectively with the outside world; and the foreign international media, whose presence in Tokyo is far weaker than most people realize. The net result is that Japan becomes a poorly understood nation both in its positive aspects as well as its negative dimensions.

If the people are to receive news they can trust, they have to begin funding it themselves. Corporate media will work for corporate interests. Help the SNA build progressive English-language in Japan. Become a Patron.

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For more information, we can be reached at shingetsunewsagency [at] gmail [dot] com.