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Uyghurs Call for East Turkestan’s Independence from China

SNA (Osaka) — On the day before the official opening of the G20 Summit in Osaka, shortly after Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in the city, several hundred Uyghurs and their allies held a rally and marched through the streets under the watchful eye of a phalanx of Japanese police.

“Japanese government! Please raise up the Uyghur genocide issue!” was one of the rallying cries as the marchers traversed the rain swept streets of Osaka.

Norihiro Uehata, a Kobe city councilman and ally of the protesters, told the SNA, “As fellow human beings, when such crimes are being perpetrated, they cannot be ignored. If we Japanese treat it as just someone else’s problem, we ourselves may fall into a crisis at a later time.”

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