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Irish Ambassador Promotes Educational Exchange with Japan

SNA (Tokyo) — Irish Ambassador Paul Kavanagh visits Kojimachi Gakuen Girl’s Junior and Senior High School in Tokyo to promote educational and cultural exchanges.

Paul Kavanagh: Thank you very much. Paul Kavanagh is my name and I am the ambassador of Ireland to Japan,  and I work here in the Kojimachi section of Tokyo, and this morning I visited Kojimachi Gakuen school at the invitation of the chairman, Mr. Aikawa, and the principle, Mr. Yamamoto, and we had a great meeting this morning of fifty young women, high school students, from the school, who will be going on a home-stay in Ireland later in the year, and we had a great conversation. They’re very excited, and we’re very excited that they’re coming to Ireland. Ireland will become more famous, maybe, in Japan this year because we are competing in the Rugby World Cup and we will be playing against Japan on the 28th of September in Fukuroi city in Shizuoka. Ireland and Japan have-have great friendship, long standing friendship, great relations, in the economy, in culture, in education. Ireland is a friendly country, a great place to visit, and we’d love to see more Japanese come to Ireland and experience the warm welcome of the Irish people there. Thank you very much.

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