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The Perons and the Japanese

SNA (Buenos Aires) — Roberto Baschetti is a sociologist, historian, and author with more than thirty books published. Most of his career has been linked to the National Library of the Argentine Republic. He specializes in the political history of his country, and is considered the foremost expert on the Justicialist Party, the party that was established by Juan Domingo Peron. Baschetti’s work as an author and curator of many major exhibitions also revolves around the life and thoughts of Eva Peron, famously known as Evita, about whom countless books, Broadway plays, and a Hollywood film starred by Madonna was made.

Baschetti has said that it’s important to revise the social, political, and cultural history of Argentina in the Peronist era in order to give it its proper place. In this SNA video interview, Baschetti emphasizes the fact that Peronism can be described as a “third position ideology” as it rejects both Capitalism and Communism in a concept that preceded the Non-Aligned Movement.

Baschetti mentions the ABC Pact between Argentina, Brazil, and Chile that intended to create a sort of common market in the manner that the European Community would do decades later. Within this framework, Peron wanted that all newly arrived immigrants, in particular those from Japan, the Middle East, and Jewish people, which he considered the inheritors of millenary cultures, to be given the opportunity to contribute to the development of the country without losing their own heritages.

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