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The Complete Guerrilla Journalism


SNA (Tokyo) — Guerrilla Journalism is the show which takes you to the frontier of the news media industry. To date we have broadcast seven Episodes since our launch in May 2017. The following is a run down of all the Episodes, beginning with the most recent.

In Episode 7 of Guerrilla Journalism, we speak to Penny Abernathy, professor at the University of North Carolina, about the concept and consequences of “News Deserts” in the United States.

In Episode 6, Guerrilla Journalism speaks about War Photography with Darius Askari, a photojournalist who has worked in war zones such as Iraq, about his objectives, his experience, and his advice for others interested in the field.

In Episode 5, Guerrilla Journalism speaks to Meg Heckman, professor at Northeastern University’s School of Journalism, about the progress and prospects for Newsroom Innovation.

In Episode 4 of Guerrilla Journalism, we speak to Charli James, a journalist based on Paris, France, about Livestreaming the News.

In Episode 3 of Guerrilla Journalism, we speak to Ibrahim Husseini, a Palestinian video journalist covering the Arab-Israeli conflict and other issues from his base in East Jerusalem, about Reporting From Palestine.

In Episode 2 of Guerrilla Journalism, we speak with Taylor Nakagawa, multimedia journalist and student at the University of Missouri, about best practices in Reporting in 360 Video.

In Episode 1 of Guerrilla Journalism, the SNA speaks with freelance journalist Muhammad Toori about the conditions and risks of Reporting from Pakistan.

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