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Wow! Japan: The Ninjas of Shibuya

SNA (Tokyo) — The telecommunications company NTT DoCoMo sponsors an advertising campaign bringing ninja to the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

Rika Inoshima, DoCoMo: Wow! Japan is a website to provide tourism information for those people who travel to Japan from overseas. It provides information and places and foods all over Japan. It has various kinds of other information too. The purpose of this event is to make the foreign visitors know about the website and what it offers. According to a recent survey, about 90% of foreigners know something about ninja, and more than 60% think that ninja still exist here. So we thought it would be effective to use ninja as a promotional device to get the attention of foreigners. The Wow! Ninja campaign in Shibuya has different versions for the daytime and the nighttime. It’s not only about Japanese culture; it’s also about turning the time waiting at a red light into an important and enjoyable experience.

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