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Families Belong Together

SNA (Tokyo) — In the last few months, the Trump administration has reshaped its immigration policy as it has initiated a hardline approach in tackling the issue. One policy which has been strongly criticized by political figures and by citizens from across the world is the policy of separating children from their parents at the US-Mexico border.

In May 2018, the Trump administration announced that it would prosecute all adults who crossed the borders illegally. If they were found with their children, the children would be transferred to the Department of Health and Human Services, which supposedly finds placement for them, often with “relatives in the United States.”

Senior members of the Trump administration indicated that this policy could be a deterrent and thus prevent illegal immigrants from coming into the United States.

In response, on June 30, 2018, American citizens and others from across the world demonstrated against this policy in hopes of pressuring key decision-makers to observe justice and to put an end to the Trump administration’s cruel and inhumane policy. Democrats Abroad is among those organizations that have voiced their concern towards this issue, calling for legislators to ensure that there is a safe solution to reunifying families and offering a reasonable solution for asylum seekers and immigrants.


Protester One: If I can ask all of you, to close your eyes and to just imagine for the next minute what it is you’re standing here for. And who you want to protect. We’re here to stand up for the thousands of refugees that are coming to the United States. From the beginning of this year we started to see and hear the stories of children as old as eight months old being removed from their parents, from their families. Hundreds of Americans are standing up and speaking out on this issue.

Protester Two: You have to look back and say what side of history am I going to be on. You draw a line in the sand, you make sure you are on the right side of that line. This is about making sure that refugees and immigrants have dignity and are respected as human beings.

Protester Three: The children continue to cry out for their parents as the agents repeatedly tell them to stop crying.

Protester One: When is the next time we’re going to have special facilities for babies and have them removed from their parents.

Protesters: Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again.

Protester Four: These people were not just looking for financial gains and comfort and life, it was a lot about survival.

Protester One: What do we do when we’re under attack?

Protesters: Stand up! Fight back! Vote!

Protester Two: Two things, first of all we can support lawyers and others who are working to reunite families. I think that’s the most immediate good we can do. But second of all, to make sure that we show up in droves at the ballet box in November, that everyone votes and vote the people who make these policies out of administration and out of office.

Protester Five: We are here today to say that this is a priority.

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