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US Military Hides Accident from Japanese Government for a Week

SNA (Tokyo) — The following stories were reported today by the Shingetsu News Agency.

The Top Headline

—US Air Force F-15 fighter jet dropped a 1.4 kilogram “antenna-like part” somewhere in Okinawa in late February, but the US military waited more than a week to tell the Japanese government about it. In a rare move, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga publicly criticizes the US military. He says it is unacceptable that the Japanese government wasn’t informed for a week.


—Ruling coalition Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito, pressured heavily by the opposition parties and public dismay, tell the Finance Ministry that it had better start producing at least some Moritomo Gakuen documents by tomorrow.

—Some members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party seem to be getting tired of Shinzo Abe’s personal scandals. They are not all rushing to his defense on Moritomo Gakuen. Fumio Kishida states, “If documents were forged, that is not something which can be allowed to happen.”


—Abe government continues to throw shade at Korean peace talks, insisting that North Korea should be made to denuclearize before any talks are held. The Abe team apparently expects that sanctions will lead to some kind of complete surrender by Pyongyang.

—Just recently busted for fabricating a pro-US military story in Okinawa, the Sankei Shinbun hosts a commentary by James Auer accusing the rest of the media of bias and false reporting. You can never shame those who are without shame.


—Kobe Steel being exposed as a beehive of corporate corruption. Apparently, they have been falsifying materials data since the 1970s, have been repeatedly involved in tax evasion. Just serious bad eggs.

—Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi says that current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe simply will not be budged from his mistaken pro-nuclear views. Japan must eliminate nuclear energy as soon as possible, but it will need to wait until Abe is out of office.


—Popular perennial also-ran, Mac Akasaka, accused of raping one of his supporters.

—Abe government to wait until February 24, 2019, before releasing new era name to follow Heisei. Calendar makers and programmers left in the lurch.

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