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An Invitation to Rethink Tokyo

SNA (Tokyo) — There are many joys about living as a foreigner in Tokyo, but near the top of most peoples’ list of things that aren’t very joyful is the process of renting an apartment, or perhaps even buying property. Frankly, for those who end up hating Japan, a run in with the common demand by landlords for “guarantors” (a system by which adult professionals are routinely treated as if they are ‘irresponsible’ little children) is often an important element of the mix.

Quite welcome, then, is the launch of REthink Tokyo by the ultra-cool duo of Greg Lane and Chris Kirkland. These are the same guys behind the highly successful Tokyo Cheapo website.

Contacted by the SNA and asked what they are aiming at, REthink Tokyo co-founder Chris Kirkland explains, “Similar to how Tokyo Cheapo lifted the veil on Tokyo being an affordable destination, with REthink Tokyo we aim to demystify real estate in Tokyo/Japan for English speakers.” He adds, “It’s a deep and confusing topic for the newcomer, there’s many Japanese-only quirks, a lack of transparency, and the problem is particularly exacerbated for non-Japanese who will find it harder to get impartial help and info.”

You can say that again!

For those who wish to explore the new website, here is a link to REthink Tokyo.

Also, for those who are not up to speed on the earlier venture, Tokyo Cheapo, here is the SNA video exploring the basic philosophy behind the Greg Lane / Chris Kirkland project.