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Today in Japan (11.26.17)

SNA (Tokyo) — The following stories were reported today by the Shingetsu News Agency.


—Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and the Japan Communist Party to demand Akie Abe testify before the Diet in regard to Moritomo Gakuen Scandal. Ruling party appears set to reject the demand once again, afraid of transparency in the matter.

—Party of Hope’s Akihisa Nagashima questions Nobuhisa Sagawa’s fitness to remain as chief of National Tax Agency now that Board of Audit confirms his Finance Ministry department acted inappropriately in Moritomo Gakuen land sale.

—Drama in Dazaifu city, Fukuoka Prefecture, as city council sacks Mayor Shigeru Ashikari and dissolves itself. New elections for the city council will proceed next month and mayoral election in January.

—Yukio Edano backs off idea that end of year is a firm limit for Democratic Party local politicians to apply to join the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan. He now says it is his preference rather than a deadline.

—Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan local party infrastructure seems to be advancing especially quickly in Aichi Prefecture. They will set up their own progressive political school there by next spring.


—A memorial hall for the International Military Tribunal for the Far East to be built in Shanghai. (Probably should be such a museum in Tokyo as well, come to think of it.)

—Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arranging to visit the United Arab Emirates in January, hoping to extend Japanese company’s oil development rights.


—Shiga Governor Taizo Mikazuki again expresses his opposition to the restart of Oi nuclear reactors, saying that evacuation and other contingency plans are not sufficient.


—Power outage occurs at Akita Airport, apparently caused by a lightning strike.

—Musashino Forest Sport Plaza becomes the first permanent venue built to accommodate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to open its doors. Seven more permanent sports facilities are under construction.

—Abe government planning to spend more time worrying about foreign ownership of property in remote Japanese islands, and even about private Japanese landowners. Will set up panel of experts next year.

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