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Japan Arab Day 2017

SNA (Tokyo) — SNA and The Link collaborate to cover Japan Arab Day 2017 at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Guests included Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, and Komeito leader Natsuo Yamaguchi.

Imad Ajami: What do you think about Japan Arab Day?

Japanese Official: This is a big event. There are so many people attending this reception. It really highlights the strong relationship existing between Japan and Arab countries. And, as Prime Minister Abe said in his address a few moments ago, we would like to have more people when you hold the next Japan Arab Day next year.

Female Arab Participant: I think it’s a very special day to exchange culture and to show the different cultures of the Arabs for Japan. You learn from the food, from the way we are dressing, the things we display; I think it’s a nice exchange of culture. It’s a very important bonding between Arabs and Japan. We learn from each other. And, by the way we find a lot of similarities between the Arabs and the Japanese in a lot of traditions and customs. This is amazing because we feel at home here.

Arab Ambassador: First of all we are so happy tonight that the Japan Arab Day event is being attended by a lot of Japanese friends. The prime minister of Japan honored us with his presence and he delivered a speech. Also the governor of Tokyo. And many parliamentarians attended and other academics and journalists and press media companies. This really expresses the relationship between Japan and the Arab world. Of course, we are so happy. The success of this day gives us the momentum and gives us the support to continue next year and the years after to continue such activities.

Komeito leader Natsuo Yamaguchi: This event of exchanges between Japan and Arabs becomes deeper and richer each year. It is a blending of Arabic and Japanese culture. For example, there is the calligraphy demonstration. I would like to see this advance more and more. I look forward to the strengthening of our links. This is true of the political sphere as well. Exchanges should be expanded in culture and economy. I’m thankful to be invited to this wonderful event.

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