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Tokyo Americans’ Call to Combat Climate Change

SNA (Tokyo) — Protest held in Tokyo by Americans concerned with Trump administration’s unwillingness to recognize the severe dangers of climate change.


Lindsay Nelson: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is visiting Japan right now and he has previously stated that he’s not quite sure whether he wants to continue with the Paris Agreement, which I think is incredibly important that the US continue to be a signatory on the Paris agreement, so I’m here with other people today to tell him to uphold the US’s promises on climate change.

I am shocked that there is even a debate. I think that the scientific community is wholeheartedly in agreement that it is real and that it is something we must act on right now in order to preserve our livelihoods and the livelihoods of children and grandchildren.

I think we’re already seeing the effects of climate change in terms of weather in terms of extreme storms in terms of droughts and floods and forest fires and I think that if anything the projections are conservative and modest and in fact with subsequent generations within the next hundred years for sure we will be seeing really really drastic effects from climate change so we need to act now.

I think as an American citizen living in Japan I’m very aware of how the rest of the world sees Japan and I think that it’s very important as this is in living in Japan to not turn a blind eye because it’s easy here to sometimes forget about everything that is going on back home so I think it’s important to show people in Japan that US citizens living in Japan are very concerned about these issues and that we are continuing to take an active role in democracy by expressing our views.

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