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Tokyo Governor Koike Upstages the Opposition

SNA (Tokyo) — Additional signs are emerging that Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike is not only besting the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, but that she is becoming so dominant in the capital city so as to nearly eliminate the political space of the official opposition, especially the main opposition Democratic Party.

Liberal Party leader Ichiro Ozawa, in fact, reportedly explained to Democratic Party leader Renho during their private meeting on the evening of the 17th that her party’s low approval ratings have much to do with the fact the Koike has stolen the political stage and become a much more visible champion of reform. Earlier, Ozawa began predicting that the major opposition parties, with the exception of the well-organized Japan Communist Party, could lose all of their seats in the July 2 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly elections.

Indeed, public opinion polls are now indicating that roughly 2/3 of the public of the capital city has “positive expectations” for Koike’s incipient political party, currently named “Tokyoites First.” Barring a major scandal, it is difficult to see how the established political parties can hope to stop the Koike juggernaut from winning a majority in the coming Assembly elections.

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