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Hate Doesn’t Make America Great

SNA (Tokyo) — Americans march in Tokyo on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as US President to call for tolerance, decency, and open society.


Man 1: It seemed like every time something happened that would have disqualified any other person for any other positions regardless of how significant. He was given a pass and given more opportunities and at times given more support. I think that was frightening.

Woman 1: I march as the mother of two sons. I want my sons to grow to be men who respect women, who value their equality, who value their rights. When you have someone who insists on moving backwards, it’s important that the people come together and that they let their voices be heard that this is not okay. We’re stronger together, our voices matter, and we’re ready to march and let the know. We’re not moving backwards in time. We’re not screeching to a halt and then moving back from the progress that our mothers and our grandmothers and the generations before us worked so hard to build and to move forward and to earn the right the vote, and to wear pants, and to be in the workplace, and all of the things that women have historically worked so hard for. I march for that to continue and to progress into the future.

Woman 2: I don’t agree with anything that the incoming president stands for or his hideous cabinet. I have fears about American liberties and I have fears about what’s going to happen to a lot of Americans. Anything from taking away access to healthcare for a lot of people to discrimination against immigrants or LGTBQ individuals or anyone who is basically not a white, cisgender male. Just on the personal level, not being able to go back to my country because I don’t recognize it anymore. My message would be that Trump does not represent us. That’s not my president. I don’t recognize it and I think a lot of Americans would agree with me on that.

Organizer: This is a fantastic turnout. We appreciate everyone coming out.

Credits: Gregor McGregor (camera) and Michael Penn (editing).

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