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Junichiro Koizumi Confronts Nuclear Lies

SNA (Tokyo) — Former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi explains why he radically changed his views on nuclear power.


Junichiro Koizumi: The biggest criticism I have been facing is why, when I was the nation’s prime minister, did I think that nuclear power was necessary, but after resigning I now say it’s not needed.

The reason is I believed what the experts were telling me. First, that nuclear power was safe. That it was the cheapest form of energy. It didn’t produce CO2; it was inexhaustible clean energy. But then, five years later, we had the great disaster. The earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima meltdowns. I learned a lot from watching that.

Then, when I studied the situation more deeply, I realized that all three pro-nuclear arguments were lies. I looked at how nuclear power was first introduced, and its real operations, and its history. I researched all of that. I became ashamed that I had long believed those lies. I heard it is said that many times in life we may make mistakes, but the biggest mistake of all would be not to change once you realize you are mistaken.

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