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Japanese Students Resist Shinzo Abe

SNA (Tokyo) — Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy (SEALDs) protest against the Abe War Bill and in favor of the Constitution and democratic society. Featured in the video are Akira Koike of the Japan Communist Party, Manabu Terata of the Democratic Party of Japan, and political commentator Shigeaki Koga.


Protest Chant: I say “Constitution”, you say “Defend it!” Constitution! Defend it! What is democracy! This is it!

SEALD Female: We are now facing a serious issue. When we think about peace and constitutionalism, if this legislation becomes law as it now, the constitutionalism that is most dear to us as well as our democracy could be lost. That’s why we must raise our voices now!

Protester Chant: Tell me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!

Akira Koike: Everyone, what is democracy? Isn’t it about listening to opposing opinions? “I’ll make the decision when the time comes.” This has nothing to do with democracy! Abe says, “The people don’t understand now, but they will come to understand.” This is something that should absolutely never be said in a democratic country.

Manabu Terata: Constitutionalism is not so difficult to understand. The constitution protects each and every one of us. It is the final wall of defense for our political rights. For all the things that we enjoy in our daily lives, it is our protection our final line of defense. We must absolutely maintain that line of defense!

Aki Okuda: Protect Japan from Shinzo Abe! Protect Okinawa from Shinzo Abe! Protect the Constitution! Don’t start a war! Protect the Constitution! There’s something wrong with the LDP!

Shigeaki Koga: The young people are giving power to Japan now. Let us push forward together for a while longer.

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