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Okinawa Elections: Keeping Democracy at Bay

SNA (Naha) — The people of Okinawa vote unmistakably to end the plan to build a new US Marine airbase at Henoko beach with the election of Governor Takeshi Onaga. Signs are few, however, that the governments in Tokyo or Washington are prepared to listen.

One thought on “Okinawa Elections: Keeping Democracy at Bay”

  1. Andy Ajimine and 'Ohana says:

    We are American citizens and are ashamed of what our military complex are doing in Okinawa. We voted for now President Obama and are very disappointed in him as the “Commander in Chief” in this very wrong development of our military leadership regarding this Henoko situation in Okinawa as are many of our friends and family here in Hawai’i. We support our Okinawa families and friends in Okinawa and pray for their success against such tyranny especially from governments that stands for Democracy (very hypocritical).

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