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Do Not “Human Rights” Also Include Women’s Rights?

Ryuichi Hirokawa has covered war, AIDS from contaminated blood products, nuclear power plant accidents, and other societal problems on the front lines for half a century as a photojournalist advocating human rights. The weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun published an article in its issue that went on sale on December 26 (January 3-10, 2019 issue) revealing that Hirokawa abused his superior position to engage in non-consensual sexual activities with, take nude photographs of, and otherwise sexually exploit aspiring female photojournalists under his tutelage.

Guerrilla Journalism: News Deserts

In Episode 7 of Guerrilla Journalism, we speak to Penny Abernathy, professor at the University of North Carolina, about the concept and consequences of “news deserts” in the United States.